Meet the Staff at Elkhorn

Tom Crawford
Tom Crawford


adolescents · adults · couples · substance abuse treatment

Greenfield, Mukwonago and Elkhorn

Tom has over 20 years experience treating children, adults and their families. His expertise includes inpatient services, family therapy, parenting skills, behavioral problems, anxiety and anger management, employee assistance, school consultation and alcohol and drug counseling. Tom works primarily with adolescents, adults and families providing couples therapy, AODA counseling, family and individual therapy.

Sarah Stegmaier
Sarah Stegmaier


children · adolescents · adults · families


As a therapist, Sarah understands the importance of validating your personal circumstances and creating a safe, trusting, and private space where you feel free to share in confidence. Her clinical experience has given her the opportunity to help individuals and families cope with adversity and regain happiness. Sarah accepts clients without judgment or disapproval and works with you to create growth, change, and fulfillment. Her ultimate goal is to guide you through the challenging and meaningful moments in your life by actively listening, providing empathic support, and empowering you to make positive life changes that her clients can use to gain the skills and tools needed to live and thrive in the life they strive for.

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