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The Therapeutic Process

Just like the stages of change, deciding to schedule a counseling session is a process for many people...

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The Benefits of Therapy

No matter what strategy you use to cope with stress, anxiety, or other stressors, everyone can use a little extra support in handling life’s challenges—and one way to do so effectively is to talk with a professional...

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Your First Family Therapy Session

Attending your first family therapy session may not be as thrilling as, say, Six Flags, but the long-term and positive effects outlast any excitement gained from a roller coaster ride...

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Your First Couples Counseling Session

Couples come to counseling in different phases of a relationship and in varying life stages...

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Bullying in School

Whether your child is getting bullied (or is the bully), bullying is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later...

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Children & boundaries

Setting boundaries and limits as a parent isn’t just about discipline, it’s about showing how much you love your children. ...

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Social Skills

Social skills are the verbal and non-verbal cues we use everyday to interact and communicate in a positive and productive way with others. ...

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Unforgiveable Hurt

Betrayal can come in many forms. You may have been betrayed by your friend or perhaps your spouse had an affair. ...

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Differences in Sprituality

Many people view spirituality as something connected to organized religion, or consider being spiritual as the exact opposite of an organized faith. ...

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